Picture this:
You've taken a trip to a beautiful location, and you took tons of pictures on your good camera. When you get home, you excitedly load them onto your computer, and suddenly you're hit by a sinking feeling as the majestic mountain in your memory just looks kinda BLAH on the screen. The photos don't do the beauty of your trip any justice AT. ALL.

How frustrating!

If you love taking photos but you don't know how to edit them, then you're doing your photos a huge disservice!

The good news: I can help! Whether they're family photos, landscape shots, photos for your business or website, or snapshots of your adorable kids or pets, I can help with adjusting exposure, white balance, clarity, retouching, and more to enhance your images and bring out the beauty lurking within them.

Here are some before/after examples - many more are available upon request!

Pricing starts at $13 per photo, which includes basic retouching, white balance, exposure settings, and cropping if needed.

I can also offer more complex retouching - just ask and I can give you a quote!

Bulk discounts are available for orders of 10 or more photos! Hop on over to the contact page to get started!