What to wear is one of the most common stressors people have when getting ready for a portrait session. It used to be as simple as everyone wearing matching outfits, but that trend has fallen by the wayside. Nowadays, the trend is coordinating, but not matching, outfits. This is great because it makes for much more dynamic, interesting, and beautiful photos, but it also makes it harder to decide what to wear!

The first step to assembling outfits is to decide on a color scheme. Your color scheme will be influenced not only by your personal favorite colors, but also by the colors of the background, the season, and even your skin tone – you definitely want to wear colors that flatter you! For instance, now that it’s fall, you’ll want to go for earthy colors, like sage, tan, or cream; deep jewel tones, like plum, turquoise, magenta, or navy; and typical fall colors, like burnt orange, chocolate brown, or mustard yellow (dijon, not regular!).

Fall outfit ideas

Once you have your color scheme, it’s time to get creative with deciding who wears what. Remember, the key is to coordinate, not to match, so have some fun with it! Details such as scarves, boots, jewelry, hair bows, neck ties, and other accessories can help to weave the color elements into each outfit. Not everyone needs to wear every color in the scheme; one or two pops of an accent color can make a big impact without overwhelming the photo.

Pinterest is a great resource for finding outfit inspiration for photos. Check out my Pinterest board, Portrait Attire Ideas, for a nudge in the right direction! Follow me on Pinterest to see all of my idea boards for portrait inspirations, including poses I like, fun prop ideas, and gorgeous portraits from all around the web!