Seemingly overnight, professional headshots are popping up everywhere. In the past, they were associated mostly with actors, whose image largely determines whether they are hired. Today, image has become an important part of the job market, no matter your specialty.

When a potential client is considering doing business with you, the first thing they’re going to do is scope out your website. Naturally, they’re going to want to know what you look like – who doesn’t like to put a face with a name? Now, when they pull up that picture, what would you want their first impression of you to be? A cheap, pixelated camera phone picture conveys exactly that: cheapness. It simply looks unprofessional and can be a turn-off to potential clients. Although Instagram is a great app, unfortunately, there’s not a filter that magically turns a low-quality picture into a professional-quality photo! On the other hand, a polished, professional photo conveys – you guessed it – professionalism, trustworthiness, credibility, and competence.

Headshots are a great investment, because they increase the perceived value of your business. It shows that quality matters to you and that you are willing to invest in your brand. Projecting the right image, one of professionalism and confidence, is a great way to show that you’re serious about your business and that you’re the right person to get the job done.

In today’s virtual world, headshots are also an easy way to build a relationship with your clients. Because they’ve seen your face, they’ll feel like they know you, much like the way we feel like we know our favorite celebrities. We see them so often that they become familiar faces that we care about.


Headshots have a variety of applications to fit your needs. They can be used on a website, marketing material, email signatures, business cards, and pamphlets, in addition to social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You might even consider doing a more formal headshot for your website, printed marketing materials, and business card and a more casual headshot for social media use. A lot of people also choose to hang a printed headshot in their office. It’s a very versatile and useful tool for your brand identity. You should update your headshot every few years, though, so it doesn’t begin to look dated. I’ve seen people use their headshot for way too long, and it makes me wonder why they haven’t updated it, especially if I’ve seen them in person and they no longer resemble their photo!

If you want to create a powerful positive impression to reinforce your professionalism and commitment to quality, invest in a polished headshot. Whether you’re wanting to bolster your company’s image or simply looking to advance your career, you can’t go wrong with a professional, quality photo to represent you.

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